• Custom painted speakers disappear

    Incredibly sounding yet very affordable Paradigm in wall speakers were custom painted to match the forward wall. There are 5 speakers in the front wall (left, right, center, left height, right height) and a floor standing sub. A pair of two channel (stereo in one device) speakers are in the side walls adjacent to the main seating area and add significantly to the sense of envelopment placing you within the movie's action. Similar to the Enveloping Sound Experience Room this Man Cave features a 65inch plasma for Wii gaming and sports viewing as well as a movie screen. Note the pop-corn machine in the corner.

  • True home cinema experience

    An awesome 125inch Cinemascope (wide screen) automatically drops from its attractive curved covering. The family enjoys films in their native movie-house format as well as TV in 16:9 (HDTV ratio) without the expense of an anamorphic lens utilizing a modern projector's lens memory feature.

  • Kick back and enjoy

    Once the projector has warmed up the overhead lights automatically dim and the shades lower to complete the scene. During system calibration and before the rooms furnishings were place the 'why are we getting this' Significant Other sat down in a folding chair, said 'Oh Wow, I'm not leaving this room!"

    Equipment: Samsung plasma, JVC 3D projector with lens memory, Screen Innovations Reference movie screen, Lutron Sivoia cellular shades and Radio RA2 lighting control, Salamander Designs rack furniture, Denon 7.2 surround sound receiver, Panamax line filtering, Nintendo Wii, Sony Playstation, RTI Corp remote control and system processor

  • Supplying great sound for Thursday Night Lights

    "Golden Ears" one of Enveloping Sound's cracker jack engineers mans our table on the town's main drag for the Briarcliff Manor Chamber of Commerce marketing events.