What We Do

From the very beginning of your project, it's critical to plan a wiring layout that will securely support all your necessary audio, video and data ports. We will work closely with your designer, contractor or builder to coordinate any pre-wire installation. We will schedule an appointment with you or your contractor to do a walk-through to locate ideal sites for wire, jacks, and component placement. Prior to completion of the project we will terminate the cables with any necessary wall plates, we'll terminate structured wiring modules, securely place in-wall or in-ceiling speakers and prepare your systems for use. Of course, we'll offer complete personal training on the best use of your incredible new system. And if you have an existing home theatre setup that you'd like to modernize and improve, naturally we'll come on over and evaluate ways to retro-fit your older system with the latest technology to bring it in line with the state-of-the-art!

Included in our service is design, configuration, installation and maintenance support of your incredibly important network infrastructure. We will optimize all of your network hardware, software and communication links to ensure rock-solid reliable performance and uptime. We will conclusively resolve any hardware, software and computer problems and offer training and support as required.