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Turntables from Pro-Ject now available!

For a real treat bring in your favorite LP and we will spin it up on a Pro-Ject Debut Carbon, 2Xperience Classic, or the super cool looking RM-5.1 SE. Pro-Ject turntables represent tremendous value for price. We have Pro-Ject phono stages and accessories including record and stylus brushes. For those on a more limited budget we have the Pro-Ject Essential II.

Thorens TD206, TD240

Since 1883, Thorens is the oldest HiFi company in the world still in production today, producing some of the world's highest quality and most critically acclaimed automatic and semi-automatic turntables. The company is Swiss owned, and each turntable is made with precision and care in Germany. Thorens has become a legend in the Turntable market, with their vintage models still widely sought after today. Today, Thorens continues to replicate that quality with the idea that every turntable produced will last decades and be sought after by the Audiophile community for decades to come.

Turntables from European Audio Team now available!

Come listen to the EAT C-Major turntable which features a 9" C-Note carbon fiber tonearm with an Ortofon Quintet Blue cartridge fitted. The C-Major is for the seasoned music lover who requires a high-value-for money turntable.

Affordable High End Hi-Fi from Parasound

We've got ours paired with gear from Parasound's Halo series.Our current configuration includes Paradigm Prestige and Dynaudio Excite speakers.

Truly Unique Tube Amplifiers from PrimaLuna

PrimaLuna makes highly affordable tube electronics that punch well above their weight. Hear why Stereophile magazine consistently rates PrimaLuna products as Class 'A'.

Paradigm Prestige loudspeakers.

We have the Prestige 75F in the gorgeous Midnight Cherry finish as well as the Prestige 15B in walnut - come in and listen! Paradigm says it best on their web site; "For over 30 years, Paradigm has set the standard for innovation and technology in loudspeaker manufacturing. The new Prestige Series builds on this history by combining new technologies with smart engineering, for astonishing performance at an incredible value. And Prestige is designed and crafted right here in our Canadian facility."


Phono Stages from Pro-Ject and Parasound

Looking to upgrade the phono state (phono preamp) built into your equipment? We've got them from Pro-ject Box Design and Parasound


Got Dirty Platters?

Enveloping Sound has the Spin Clean record washer and accessories in stock.

We carry a variety of screen cleaners, Ipad stands, and a full selection of cables.

Ethereal and EHD HDMI Cables, Analog Interconnects, Custom Built cables using Planet Waves components, Screen Cleaners