Home Automation / Control Systems Integration

Turn your home into a Smart Home! Smart home technology allows full access and complete control of your home's subsystems: your home theatre/media room, your whole-house music system, your lighting, thermostat, window shades and drapery; everything – all from a single, intuitive, hand-held remote control device.

Enhance your family's lifestyle, safety and convenience by implementing a smart home control system – without the usual litter of multiple hand-held remotes. Let's try a scenario: you have gone to bed, but a glance at your control shows that you left the lights on in the basement, and you can hear the television still on downstairs. Using your single hand-held remote, the lights are now off and so is the television, and you haven't even left your bed! You'll utilize this technology every day to save energy throughout your home, with your new-found ability to turn off lights and electronics that are not in use. And vise-versa, of course!

A home automation system is your own personal concierge, affording you and your family an easy, convenient way to command and control your home's technology. In addition to a wide variety of hand-held remote controls and touch panels available to choose from, you can also choose apps for your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch to conveniently control your home's systems from anywhere; not only inside your home, but from anywhere in the world!