Audio / Video Receivers

An Audio / Video Receiver ( "AVR" ) is like a traffic cop taking audio and video signals from your various sources and directing them to your display and speaker system. Of course, it has to do a lot more work than that! Part of the work performed by the AVR includes decoding the audio stream and amplifying it to your surround sound speakers in a balanced way. A surround sound setup may include 5, 7, or more speakers plus 1 or more subwoofers.

Some AVRs have Apple Airplay, Bluetooth, internet radio, and other streaming sources built in and others none of those features. Many have room correction software that helps make up for the dips and peaks that occur because of the configuration of the room and its furnishings. There is a wide variation in how well different models handle the different tasks. Let Enveloping Sound help you to refine your requirments and pick the correct AVR for your entertainment needs.

Enveloping Sound is pleased to be an Authorized Dealer for some very high quality AVR product lines: