Media Rooms / Home Theatre

Most homes just don't have the space to completely dedicate a room to "home theatre" – consequently, a multi-purpose family room, great room or den can be easily enabled as a virtual theatre without compromising the décor or your original intent for the room.

You have spent an incredible amount of time, effort and money decorating your home. Why then, would you want stacks of electronic components and spaghetti-like wiring littering your space? We can design an elegant system that hides components and wiring by utilizing special technologies such as flush-mounted in-ceiling or in-wall speakers that blend seamlessly with your home's decor, motorized mounts that smoothly descend from a hidden trap door in the ceiling, or gracefully rise from elegant cabinetry, or artwork frames that discreetly conceal your flat-panel video display. Wireless sensors allow us to hide components in a cabinet, nearby closet or even an entirely different room. Either way, your beautiful home décor will be spared the invasiveness of unsightly electronic equipment.

However, if you do have a room that can be solely dedicated to watching television or movies, consider a custom home theatre screening room; where the experts at Enveloping Sound can optimize the seating, speaker locations and acoustics, to provide you with a remarkably satisfying home cinema experience.