• Background music adds to your dining pleasure

    Speakers practically disappear into the ceiling in this artfully decorated dining room

    Equipment: Polk speakers, SONOS wireless music distribution system.

  • Keeping company in the kitchen

    Why settle for an unsightly radio on a countertop or hanging from a cabinet when you can have in ceiling speakers whose presence is felt through sound rather than appearance. The kitchen has become a center of entertainment for your in-house gatherings. Include music here to keep the party humming.

    Equipment: Polk speakers, SONOS wireless music distribution system.

  • Double Duty

    TV on fully articulating arm can be brought out to keep the cook company on one side of this kitchen space or pointed in the other direction so you can keep up with the day's stories at the kitchen table. TV folds back flat against wall when not in use.

    Equipment: Toshiba TV/DVD all-in-one, Omnimount articulating mount.

  • Surround sound from a bar

    A surround bar will make a big difference to your TV audio without taking up much space. A wireless sub was placed under the couch's side table to give a level of depth that no TV speaker can offer. TV is on a fully articulating arm to allow a better view. Cable box is hidden in closet behind the TV wall. Control is achieved utilizing an IR Repeater system.

    Equipment: Samsung TV, Sanus articulating mount, Polk SurroundBar with wireless subwoofer, Xantech IR system, Panamax power filter to protect TV.